Hey Everyone!

So today I’m going to give you a pretty basic rundown of what podcasts I usually listen to with at least some regularity. (Okay so by some regularity I mean when I’m sitting at lunch at work or doing dishes at home.)

There are a few podcasts that I listen too exclusively on I-Tunes because I can’t seem to find them on Spotify.

The Far Meridian: A weird audio drama that takes place on Mars.

Let’s Not Panic: Its a great audio series about a couple who basically say “screw it” and start traveling the world in an SUV. It’s them on the road talking about the overall experience. It’s pretty funny.

A Prairie Home Companion: Come on guys it’s Garrison Keilor! He’s awesome!

Clarksworld Magazine: It’s selected Sci-Fi stories.

Escape Pod: Also selected Sci-Fi stuff.

Helping Writers Become Authors: Helpful info about things that you may not think you need help with writing wise.

Please, Finish Your Book!: Very helpful if you like me sometimes have a hard time balancing your writing with life, work, relationships, and everything else that can distract us from actually sitting down and trying to actually write.

The Drabblecast: Spookie, weird, Muahahahahaha!

The New Yorker: The Writer’s voice: Short stories read usually by the author, a good way to see what is going on in the more mainstream market.

The Undead Wookie: One of my favorites! They discuss horror movies, sci-fi, music, video games. What’s not to love?

Uncanny Country: Weird town, weird things going on.

Wooden Overcoats: A story about a very strange funeral home, and the things that happen there.


Okay these are some of the Podcasts I follow on Spotify.

Kings Falls: Takes place in a radio station where strange things happen all the time.

Lore: Discusses the history and folklore of things like vampires and werewolves.

Levar Burton Reads: Like Reading Rainbow for adults!

The Writers Room: Pro writers of film, TV, and print discuss the industry and how they all got started.

Nocturne: It’s about what goes on in the night and our relationship with the dark, night time, and sleep.

Welcome To Nightvale: Pretty much my favorite! like Kings Fall’s but with a very deep background, and yet still funny as hell. Think Gravity Falls and Twin Peaks.

Okay kids, Until next time!


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I write, work and live in Pa.
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