Hello 2015

I think for me the worst thing as a writer is to not have your work seen. Im not talking about publishing, although lets all pretty much face it if you’re a writer you want to be published. I pretty much send my work to people I know, who give me solid feed back, I also trust them to not rip my guts out.

But aside from those few people and maybe 5 magazines that ive submitted to that’s been it.

So im resolving to send out more of my work. But its really long form. 1,000’s of words, not flash fiction. But short fiction, and flash fiction is getting more traction it seems. So im considering doing some flash stories, just to see if I can condence. But im not sure ill be any good at it.

Lots has been changing with the project I’m on which has been great. Kind of revitalized it.


About wshonchell

I write, work and live in Pa.
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