Loss and Music


Loss has always been a big part of my writing. Loss comes in every shape and size you can think of. From the death of someone you loved, not being able to find your car keys, loss of your society. My process has always been this: Okay so the character has lost X and Y so now where are they at? Who are they going to be because of that? How is the loss going to affect them? And then effect the story that is playing out?


Music plays a gigantic part in my process. I’m usually listening to something when I’m working. But lately as I’ve been working it’s been a few albums or even songs that have helped me create kind of a creative flow to surf on.

I’m on Pandora.com at http://www.pandora.com/profile/wshonchell

Stadium Arcadium: Red Hot Chilli Peppers

There’s a lot of stuff on this 2 disk album, and I love nearly all of it.

Ten: Pearl Jam

I fell in love with these guys in 1992 when I was a kid and I still follow them today. Terrific music and it still gets me and can take me back to some pretty interesting places in my life. Ten was the rawest thing I’d ever heard from an emotional standpoint, and some songs on there can still tear me up.

I also listen to these little musical podcasts that (One of the best comic writers in history if you ask me) Warren Ellis does every so often. It’s called SPEKTRMODULE, and it’s great ambient music for trying to clear your head while you’re working. You can find it on his website warrenellis.com. Also Warren does a terrific email based bloggy thing called morning.computer. It’s great too.


About wshonchell

I write, work and live in Pa.
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