my biggest problem

So I think I know what my biggest problem in writing is (Next to Self Doubt, Getting Sidetracked, Getting Blocked, and Not knowing how the hell to write Sci-Fi without it all sounding like Star Wars).
I think my biggest problem is that I will get down about 50-60 pages, which for me is a big accomplishment. I dunno about you guys. But then I’ll start to just develop the Who, What, When, Where, and why and I’ll start to feel really good about what I’m writing. But then I’ll get up that particular mountain, and then I hit this wall. I don’t get blocked per-say, but I get there and I have ZERO IDEA OF WHAT I’M GOING TO DO NEXT!!! I pretty much write by the seat of my pants, I’ll get an idea or a concept and it will flow like mad, and at a certain point I don’t know what happens but I feel like I run out of gas, and then I feel weird and empty and I pull away from it. Like I just found my hamster dead or something.
I don’t know. I Burned through I kid you not somewhere like 15 pages yesterday (Two Different Ideas mind you, one was 11pgs, and one was 4pgs) and then on both of them it peatered out. I think I may have some more ideas for the one, but nothing more solid than a few loose ideas.
Maybe I’m over reacting, I don’t know.
Anyone else have this issue?


About wshonchell

I write, work and live in Pa.
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