Inspirations from others

Hey Guys,

So today’s post is all about my literary Inspirations. Some you may have Heard of, some you may not have, but I hope you will check them all out, because if they’ve helped to shape my process or motivated me in some way.

The first Group is all either Writing books that I’ve used as a student or used to help me kick-start my creative juices.

The Writers Block – Jason Rekulak

The Creative Block – Lou Harry

The Writers Idea Book – Jack Heffron

The Writers Idea Workshop – Jack Heffron

A Writers Book of Days – Judy Reeves

The Writers Book of Matches – Phillip Sexton

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words – Phillip Sexton

The Writing Life – Annie Dillard

Bird By Bird – Annie Lamott

Writing Down The Bones – Natalie Goldberg


The next list are just a bunch of books and writers that have meant a lot to me over the years and taught me a lot about writing as I read them. There are a lot more than these, but I just wanted to give you a few. they’ve helped me figure out the kind of writer that I want to be.

David Sedaris – Holiday’s on Ice

Neil Gaiman – American Gods

J.R.R Tolkien – The Hobbit

World War Z – Max Brooks

The Gunslinger Series, The Stand, Salem’s Lot – Stephen King

Grendel – John Gardner

Shampoo Planet, Generation X – Douglass Coupland

A Cony Island of The Mind – Lawrence Furlinghetti

Gil’s All Fright Diner – A Lee Marinez

Almost anything by Christopher Moore

Neuromancer – William Gibson

Timothy Zahn


One of the things that I love are comic books, and I feel like only in the last maybe decade have they been given any sort of merit as literature. So I’m including a list of my favorite comic writers too.

Alan Moore (Watchmen)

Mark Millar (The Authority, Wanted, Old Man Logan, The Ultimates, Jupiter’s Legacy)

Warren Ellis (The Authority, Planetary, Transmetropolitan, Freak Angels,

Josh Whedon (Astonishing X Men)

Brian Bendis (Powers, New Avengers, Secret Invasion)

Grant Morrison (Earth 2, Batman Reborn, The Invisibles, All Star Superman, The New X Men)

Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, Batman year One)


So for next time I’m going to give you a list of really great art based websites that I stalk for inspiration. I was recently informed by two people who are pretty much experts on what you can and cannot post on a blog that unless I get express written consent that I cannot post someones art (Which makes good sense) so I will Give you Artist names, and if at all possible a mess of websites for you to look at and to drool over. Trust me there are some truly talented people out there whose work has triggered some really great stuff for me.


I wanted to take a sec to personally thank both Mandy and laurel for not letting me get myself into legal hot water by just posting a million pieces of art.


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